Monday, November 18, 2013

Staysail now on a roller furler

Rigging upgrade

Hmm, the picture did not quite come out as planned.

Still, if you look closely you will see that the big sail that is normally furled up at the very front of Arctic Rose is off, and lying on the deck.

The wire where the inner, staysail, goes on behind that foresail has now been replaced with a new roller furler mechanism. I put the staysail on just after this picture was taken.

The beauty of having the staysail on a roller furler means it gets to be used more, and also frees up space where the sail used to be stored inside the wheelhouse.

I'm also hoping that having a bit more bulk in place of just the staysail wire will help prevent the foresail from hanging up on that same wire when tacking (we shall see).

One thing is for sure, although it's only a few additional ropes on deck all the time now, the whole sailing arrangement seems that much more 'messy'.

Once we get the ropes/sheets all running sweetly, things will no doubt settle down.

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