Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Out the water

Out the water
Here you see Arctic Rose out the water again.

Last week we took her out the water for her annual wash and brush up.

It's slightly overdue, but only by a few weeks so nothing to worry about.

You can see the underside before she has been jetwashed, so not too bad on the whole considering.

Although the list of jobs is quite long, most of them are really very trivial, such as touching up the paintwork, cleaning up and re-coating the woodwork, servicing the engine etc.

I'll also take the opportunity to replace some of the really old, and in some cases frayed, sheets and halyards.

The biggest single thing to be done will be to install a roller furler for the staysail, as it almost never gets used as it's such a hassle to deal with.

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