Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Finally my timer is complete.

This has been a while in the making, as many of you who know me are aware.

The history behind this timer is from the desire to make regular log entries as we are travelling in Arctic Rose. The logbook serves as a handy reminder of our various travels.

The issue I have with alarms and other timers I've seen is that none of them track total elapsed time, while sounding an hourly alarm which sounds until cancelled.

I had written the microchip code and had the whole thing operational in rough form on a breadboard for some months.

In the last few weeks I finally made the time to put it all in a proper box with decent switches and buttons.

For those of you really interested,  the top left hole is where the buzzer sits, with the on/off switch at the top right.

The red button is the alarm reset, while the led flashes, in time with the buzzer, when the hour is up. If you are still with me, the knob you can see there on the right is for the screen backlight.

The whole thing works amazingly well, also giving a convenient total trip time on arrival.

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