Thursday, August 22, 2013


Mooring at BeaulieuBoth Patch and I love visiting the Beaulieu river.

Here we are moored a little way further up the river, past Bucklers Hard, where there is less boat traffic on a busy weekend and it's so much more peaceful.

During our last stay a few weekends ago, Andy joined us and also brought his canoe.

By way of history here, I've been seeing kayaks and canoes of all shapes and sizes being paddled about at places we go in Arctic Rose, so have been surreptitiously eying prices of various models for the last few months.

As Andy was bringing his canoe, I thought "it's time" and while we were in Lymington, we bought an two person inflatable kayak. The guys at Yachtmail Chandlery could not have been more helpful.

It's such fun being able to nose around places we would not normally be able to get to. More on that later.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Just sailing by..Here I am!

We are still sailing regularly, and enjoying the unexpected warm summer weather.

There were apparently hundreds of gaffers over at Cowes this last week.

Sailing home from Bembridge, we got to see this beauty going the other way.