Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympic torch - pah

What olympic torch?So the day we got to Yarmouth, it turns out the olympic torch was going to arrive on the ferry, make it's way through the town then off elsewhere on the Isle of Wight.

Now it has to be said I was already heartily sick of hearing about this torch long before we got to Yarmouth, but thought 'why not - seeing as we are here'.

The picture you see is the actual ferry the torch supposedly arrived on, and some other boats.

There was a fair crowd, and a band, to welcome the torch onto the island, so Patch and I stood with them, craning for a view ... of a motley collection of support advertising vehicles and lots of police.

Anyway no sign of a torch, or anything on fire at all for that matter. What a farce.

Somewhat later I did see some bloke standing around holding one of the olympic torches, or maybe a copy, but still no sign of any actual flame anywhere.

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