Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Garden benchIt's a garden bench, and nothing to do with the boat, I know.

Actually it is relevant, as I've been looking into what to do about the exterior woodwork on Arctic Rose.

I know from past experience that varnish, done well, looks beautiful. The trouble is that beautiful varnish finish just does not last outside in the weather.

Good looks are important, I know, but I want to sail, not spend endless weekends on my hands and knees doing boat work. I've been there and done that.

Enter the poor, neglected, garden bench.

I'm thinking I treated that bench at the beginning of it's life with plenty of teak oil. Now it's been sat there for more than 10 years, with no care lavished on it at all.

Now, after cleaning a section of the top rail with a scourer and sanding the seat, and with both re-coated with teak oil a few times, the top rail actually looks better to me than the seat.

I do not doubt that the bench has survived so well mainly because of the teak oil treatment it originally received.

I think this bodes well for Arctic Rose's woodwork.

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  1. Anonymous1:45 PM

    you'll be re-doing the oil every two weeks as it cannot stand up to coastal conditions, been there, done that too. And it'll attract dirt. Try a product called 'Rystix' exterior wood sealer. Don't bother with their tints as the colours are shit, but three coats of the clear stuff went on to Wendy Ann 2's wheelhouse and over a year ago and is (almost) good as new. Also is on engine room skylight. Looks great like varnish, goes on a bit like oil, certainly penetrates like oil, has a satin finish but unlike regular varnish no peely goings on- yet.