Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Storm damage

Storm damageThe big storms and winds last week took their toll on a few boats at our marina.

Arctic Rose and the boats on either side of her took some rubbing damage due to the high winds we had. Apparently the wind swept right up the Itchen, and straight at our boats.

You can see the result of a burst fender on Arctic Rose's blue hull. What I've learned from this is to concentrate more fenders at the rounded part of the boat, rather than leaving them evenly spread out, as I did before.

What was interesting was the bow of the boat next to me was chewing up the pontoon directly ahead of it, this as a result of stretching her nylon springs. Springs are the ropes that stop a boat from sliding forwards or backwards when tied up alongside.

I would never have expected those springs to have stretched so far, but obviously they did. Another lesson then, is to ensure nylon springs are snugged up tight before a big wind as they really can streach an amazing amount with a load on them.


  1. Hi Tim

    A burst fender! Scrape doesn't look bad though. Had a similar experience in Port Edgar where the spring stretched and the pontoon rose up to meet the bow. Got back to the boat with a big worn patch on the bow.

    Fair winds!


  2. Hi Nostalgiaman

    I'm learning all the time!



  3. Had the same problem with "Jomagy" last year but luckily no damage to the gel coat , I have done the same thing and concentrated the fenders amidships .
    I think I saw you go past me in Cowes a couple of Saturdays ago ?