Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sailing onto a mooring

SailingProbably the one thing I did worst on on my day skippers course was sailing onto a mooring buoy.

Here you see the results of my first attempt at this in Arctic Rose, that green buoy you can see off my port bow was the objective, and this was as good as it got.

I clearly need to work at this a bit more.


  1. Don't worry Tim, you'll get there! It's great that you can get out for a sail with just a small crew. I've been sailing dingies for years now and I just bought my first boat recently, a 25' racer/cruiser design. I have the opposite problem from you -- I can sail up to almost anything, but I can't motor to save my life! :) I do recommend sailing on small boats some because they're more responsive ... give you quicker feedback about what you should be doing differently. If you're ever in Boston MA, get in touch... I'll get you doing man-overboard drills on anything from one of my boat clubs' 4.2m planing centerboard dingies on the Charles river, up to my own 25ft fin keel sloop on the harbor.

  2. Hi Snowbiker

    Good to hear from you again.

    I'm sorry we did not get to connect as we sailed by Boston in the Wanderbird, but I'll look forward to taking you up on your offer when I next get to the US.

    I've had a few people nudge me, enquiring when I'll next be over there!