Thursday, June 07, 2012

The man

One person who looms large in this phase of my boating journey is Tom Cunliffe

The TV series, boatyard, he did on other peoples work restoring boats was of great interest to me while I was working on Lady Jane, which is where I first heard of him.

As I briefly mentioned before, I've recently done the RYA Day Skippers course, both the theory and practical, for which I prepared by buying and reading Tom's The Complete Day Skipper.

After the course, it was obvious I had to have a Channel Pilot which, co-incidentally, was written and compiled by Tom. My concerns on arrival in strange ports have been greatly eased by the descriptions he has given of the places I've so far been, and intend to go. It's also why I'm so keen to go to Yarmouth!

As part of my further learning, and yachtmaster ambitions, I also recently bought Tom's Complete Yachtmaster. I really bought this as his Complete Day Skipper was so easy for me to understand.

Anyway, this last weekend I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Tom when when we were at Bucklers Hard. What added to the pleasure was that Tom mentioned he was soon to be sailing a Fisher 37 to Greenland.

That Tom is doing such a journey in a Fisher re-affirms the good choice I made in buying Arctic Rose, capable of real adventures far from my home port in Southampton.

Tom if you read this, I'm the guy you did not shake hands with on the Jubilee weekend, as yours were covered in dirty oil! May the winds always blow over your quarter as you sail!

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