Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lusty in my way

Sunday's weather was so much better than Saturday's, a bit like chalk and cheese really.


Patch and I took Arctic Rose out for a little practice with setting sails and general manoeuvring, seeing as we could.

Sailing along gawping at the spectacle that was HMS Illustrious towering above us provided somewhat of a distraction for a while.

Glen you will be so jealous, as we pretty much had a beam reach in either direction the length of Southampton water.

It feels like I need plenty of sea room to do anything at the moment, and tacking and/or gybing without a bit of engine assistance is still a bit of a hit and miss affair. More miss than hit at the moment, it must be said.

Pretty much the entire time was spent experimenting with just the main sail then the main and mizzen sails, trying to make sense of what the wind was doing to us with various sail settings and wind angles.

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