Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Folly again

Arctic RoseHere is Arctic Rose, back at the Folly again.

Soon they will be thinking I want a permanent berth there.

The original plan was that we would visit Newtown, but the weather had other ideas.

So much so that poor Patch was quite seasick before we were even halfway, so we got blown into Cowes and onwards up to the Folly instead.

Together we had quite a bit lot learning on that trip!

It must be said that we felt quite sorry for the IOW festival goers, as the wind overnight was howling with rain while we were tucked up snug in our bunk.


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  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    How any spam comments can get past the security I don't know. I can hardly read the words they test you with - I'm sure it stops some non-spam stuff.
    Best sailing weather has seemed to slip to later in the year. Folly's a great place to ride out the storm, though. Fair winds!