Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wires, lines, masts and thingsIt's not all plain sailing on board Arctic Rose for me.

I still have masses to learn.

Having only skippered the RIB before, and with no real experience in sail boats, the prospect of actually sailing Arctic Rose passably well, as opposed to just motoring about, is still part of the current learning curve.

Looking up at the myriad of wires and ropes and things, I find myself somewhat daunted.

Travelling back from Beaulieu, I tried with just the mizzen and furling headsail. Mimicking what we had done with John previously.

I can't say that I was completely happy with the result, with the sails looking somewhat saggy, but it's a start. I subsequently worked out how to pull that mizzen up tight, I think.

Hopefully this weekend will provide an opportunity to get the mainsail up, now that I've spent some time pondering the function of the various ropes and attachments under the sail cover.

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