Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bye bye rib

Rib goneThis massive change from the old lifestyle on Lady Jane to the new adventures possible with Arctic Rose is finally starting to set in.

A big part of this is the acceptance that all the old Lady Jane stuff that I have stashed in various places has to go. Except for some of the tools, none of it has any place on such a beautiful yacht anyway.

One of the biggest things that has been such a part of the Lady Jane lifestyle has been the rib, this has now been sold on eBay with the money destined for works on Arctic Rose.

I must say parting with this is with a twinge of sadness as, ugly as it was let's face it, it had always been reliable and fun.


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Did Adam say the same thing I wonder ???Tony in St.Anthony

  2. Hi Tony

    Probably he used a much more succinct expression?