Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sailing already

SailingWhat a difference having a very much smaller, more manageable, boat has made to my life already.

The picture shows us cruising along at just over seven knots in what I thought was quite a strong wind, just past Lymington.

It has to be said that this trip was undertaken under the steady guidance of skipper John, who you all know of through Lady Jane's previous journeys.

I have so much to learn, but the fun part is Arctic Rose is so much more practical to go places in than Lady Jane ever was.


  1. Hi Tim

    We exchanged emails a while ago as I was just about to buy an old steel trawler. I discovered her hull was rusted through too, unfortunately. Just popped back after over a year to link to my blog and found Lady Jane gone! Sorry to read about that.
    You'll be able to go anywhere at reasonable cost in Arctic Rose though. Congratulations and happy sailing! Hopefully we'll meet in some distant port sometime. As Tom Cunliffe always says, 'fair winds'!

  2. Hi nostalgiaman

    The rust never sleeps!

    I wish you luck in finding a suitable vessel.

    As it happens, I finished one of Tom's books the other day. All part of the learning process.



  3. Tom is THE pleasure sailor's guru! Have you listened to his podcast? - great stuff!

    I found the old steel boat from my childhood and am restoring her - . As you say, the rust isn't sleeping!

    She's not big enough to live on and I don't know if it's age, but I'm more wary of moving afloat than I was. Still, you never know! We've big ideas for going places when she is finished, though.
    Will keep following.