Tuesday, August 02, 2011

End of

Lady Jane is now sold, for scrap. The deal was done yesterday.

Lady Jane

On the plus side, the combination of the sheer size of her and the current high price of scrap steel means I do at least walk away with some cash, less that I'd have liked but not a complete loss.

I've spent a busy week stripping out everything of value, including my tools and equipment, and stashing it in the container I'm renting at Hythe Marine Park.

The house is also bulging with all kinds of stuff from the galley and accommodation spaces.

The next stage will be to sort through all the stuff I've rescued, and separate it out into things I want to keep, things I will sell on eBay and things to bin.

The container is pretty full, so it's going to take a while...


  1. Hello Tim; The Industry Diesel Engine,Gearbox,Stuffing Box,Shaft,
    and Propeller are Valuable and should not be scrapped, if I were closer,I would be very Interested in buying them , they dont make them like that anymore.


  2. Oh Tim, I'm so saddened to her of the turn things have taken and the tough, practical choice you've had to make. But it reads as if you have your head screwed on and I take my hat off to you for making that decision. I don't like to think what I'd do if I was in your shoes but heartened to read that you clearly value the experience, learning curve and friendships that you've garnered with LJ.
    My thoughts are with you.

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM

    i have tried some thing similar, I do not regret moving from a boat with loa=38 m to at boat with loa=19 m.

  4. I'm still gutted to know I can't come here any more to read about the latest progress, I remember seeing her on the river Itchen many a time when I still lived in Southampton and after finding this blog I was always sure to take a quick peek when down there visiting family.

    I'm sure it was a tough decision to make but I admire your ability to be level headed and realistic about it.

    I just hope this isn't the end and that soon thee will be another vessel to read about on your blog!

    I have been a lurker for the most part although I have you added as a friend on flickr.

    I wish you all the best for the future!

  5. Hi John

    Sadly there is just not the demand for these old beasts.

    I accept that others with more time and money may have done something different.

    For me, personally, I remain sure I have made the right decision here.



  6. Hi Seb

    All the fun times I, and friends, have had on board is priceless!



  7. Hi Anonymous

    I'm heading off the downsizing route as well!

    Looking forward to some different types of adventures in due course.



  8. Hi FD

    This is only the end of a chapter, not the book.

    I'm keeping my mooring on the Itchen, and plan to occupy it with something worthy of the space after the dust has settled (and the finances allow).

    Also, I intend to keep the blog going. There is still the RIB and a container load of 'stuff' to play with :)



  9. Anonymous12:00 PM

    good luck with any new venture,i will miss the webcam hope you replace it on another vessel.

  10. Dear Tim,
    I'm very sad to hear of the sad loss of Lady Jane ... it's such a shame, but your decision is yours alone. Wherever there is a Hello there has to be a Goodbye! It is poignant nevertheless because of your involvement with ismilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon