Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Here is a quick clip showing LJ on her way down the slip, and back into the drink.

No sudden dramatic drop or anything.

That's John you can see pacing up and down, itching to get at the controls.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

End of

Lady Jane is now sold, for scrap. The deal was done yesterday.

Lady Jane

On the plus side, the combination of the sheer size of her and the current high price of scrap steel means I do at least walk away with some cash, less that I'd have liked but not a complete loss.

I've spent a busy week stripping out everything of value, including my tools and equipment, and stashing it in the container I'm renting at Hythe Marine Park.

The house is also bulging with all kinds of stuff from the galley and accommodation spaces.

The next stage will be to sort through all the stuff I've rescued, and separate it out into things I want to keep, things I will sell on eBay and things to bin.

The container is pretty full, so it's going to take a while...