Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crane off

Crane offThe other weekend, on the Friday, I watched this crane being removed from it's barge.

It had been moored upriver from the Northam bridge for quite some time.

The crane, asides for it's tracks, is remarkably similar to the crane on the barge next to me. The barge by me is much smaller though.

It all looked like some operation, with the bulk of the work being performed with oxy-acetylene cutters and that big digger you see there.

The next morning, I watched it being loaded onto a big truck - using the big digger to nudge it up the ramp.

Apparently the crane is sold to someone in India, who will refurbish it and presumably use for the next fifty or so years.

The barge is destined for London, presumably pressed into service for some scheme relating to the Olympics there.

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