Monday, March 07, 2011

Coastguard helicopter

Coastguard helicopterFriday night's peace and quiet was somewhat disrupted with this Coastguard helicopter overhead, up and down the river, while it was searching.

From time to time people end up in the river at night, for whatever reason, and search and rescue, including the Coastguard helicopter, get called out to search the Itchen.

Where it's obvious they are searching my stretch of the river I feel an obligation to keep a lookout myself, thinking that if I had fallen in and got swept away I'd like to believe that others were keeping an eye out for me.

Fortunately, for all concerned, this occurrence is relatively rare. It also serves as a reminder to me that extra care must be taken at night, especially when the water is so cold.

In the event, it turns out that this call was a hoax and to add insult to injury someone also saw fit to point a laser at the helicopter cockpit.

Shame on them.


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    That's why you wear one of these whilst working outside on your boat. Right?

  2. Hi Anonymous

    I pretty much always use a life jacket, especially when I'm on my own, but recommend not falling in in the first place.



  3. I prefer a life jacket too, as the survival type Jackets, for me, don`t have the full protection that a separate life jacket and jacket protection can give IMHO also they seem too bulky, so a separate weather jacket and life jacket. better still don`t fall in!

  4. Anonymous2:35 PM

    My experience is that if you get used to using a flotation jacket as your usual weather jacket, you are much more likely to have it on whilst doing some random thing outside. If a flotation jacket is a little bulky, a regular jacket plus a life jacket is worse.

    If you regularly use separate items, then when you're in a hurry you'll just grab the one you need -- the weather one -- and run out to take care of some emergency -- and that is when you'll make the mistake that sends you over the side.

  5. Anonymous2:47 PM

    The only way to stay safe is to hug a tree!!

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