Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wires everywhere

Wires everywhereAndy has been down for another visit.

An inevitable consequence of Andy's presence is wires hanging out all over the place. At least while he is there that is.

The plan I have is to use 24V lighting everywhere I possibly can on board, and low energy lighting at that.

The thinking being there is no point transforming the voltage from 24 to 240 for lights that are likely to be on for some time when I can use 24V for little or no extra effort.

Things look somewhat dire in this picture, but all the wiring was back together by the end of the weekend.

Things finished a little late, so I have loads of tidying up to do when I'm next on board.


  1. We're also planning on using 24V lighting in our renovations (due to start soon!) for the same reasons. I'd *love* to hear more about the lights (LEDs?) you're using and your suppliers, please!

  2. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I am also curious about where you will buy or how you will fabricate LED -- or whatever -- fixtures. I know there are some 12V (and presumably 24V) compact fluorescent bulbs available, but they are expensive. Watt for watt though, CF is still the best overall light output