Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Battery state

Battery stateStrong winds = free power for me.

We have been somewhat battered by winds these past few days, though it's all died down again now.

Plenty of wind translates into plenty of power for me.

I've not had to run a generator at all this last weekend, and for most of the time the battery voltage stayed above the magical 25.8V figure I need for the battery refreshers to work.

It's been years that I've had the battery refreshers, but even now the charge the battery holds seems to be ever so slowly improving.


  1. Hi Tim! Whats a good reference read re PIC`s I have a need to recieve data and to instigate changes as a result with the use of one of these maybe ?

  2. Hi Rob

    I started with a PIC book from Maplins, along with the SourceBoost C compiler for PIC (you can also get this directly from them on the web).

    I would recommend getting a Microchip Pickit2 programmer: http://www.embeddedadventures.com/shopdetails/pid/61 to program the thing.

    Ian at Embedded adventures has all kinds of useful code, based on SourceBoost, which you can download for free.

    This, along with the SourceBoost forum will give you a good jump start.

    If I can help with anything, I will also do my best where I can.



  3. Thanks for that Tim I may just take you up in that when I get nearer to the point where I am going to use it! thanks again Tom