Friday, February 18, 2011

24V Lighting

24V LightingI was going to post something different, but have already had a few questions and emails on lights.

Anyway, you can see the first pair of bunk lights there at the top left of the image. The wood coving also neatly covers the metal gussets (Rob). Oh, and these are only initial templates, not the finished article.

The lights I opted for were Dioder lights from Ikea, really only because they caught my eye when I was last there. The lights are a group of LED's arranged in a very neat, thin, housing.

To give you an idea of how thin the housing is, if you look at the far end of the bunk you will see the next strip ready to be mounted at the head of the bunk. The shiny silver bits are the lights.

The Ikea Dioder lights come with a 12V transformer, so connecting a pair of these lights, in series, into an array very neatly gives me 24V lights in the bunk with no need for the transformer.

What I've done is setup two 24V arrays, independently switched, one at the head of the bunk for reading in bed and one at the side of the bunk for lounging about against the hull reading during the day.

Overall, I'd say that the lights are fine for the bunk area, and for reading, but I had hoped that they would be bright enough to also use as the main lights in the accommodation space.

Testing, with a second pair of arrays in the deckhead, has shown the lights are just not quite bright enough. No matter, I saw some bigger LED lights at Ikea, so will look more closely at those (voltages for a start).

If that fails, I will go to Portsmouth, to Furneaux Riddall, to see what their 24V lights look like in the flesh.


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    You'll likely find LEDs good mainly for task lighting.

    These look like they could retrofit into a 2x18W fluorescent fixture to give good whole-room light. They look to cost about the same as the Ikea diodes.

  2. Those IKEA lights are SUCH a good find, thanks! I always just assume everything of theirs is 240v so to find something so easily adaptable to 24v is fantastic. And the good thing about Ikea is that you always know it'll be easy to source replacements when these eventually go...

    Please keep us updated as you live with these!

  3. Hi Anonymous

    Thanks for that.



  4. Hi Melissa

    I was there to get bedding & was distracted by the bright lights!