Tuesday, January 04, 2011


KindleFather Christmas was good to me this year - Here you see my new Kindle.

After my recent travels, and lots of questions, it seemed obvious I should get a Kindle (Thanks Dick). So far I've not been disappointed.

Amazon say of the Kindle that they want the technology to disappear, and the reading experience to remain. Recently, while reading a book on my Kindle I found myself trying to turn the page like I would on a book, so I can say that they have probably achieved that with me.

I like the fact that it just works, including downloading books wherever I am.

I don't like what seems to be extraordinary high prices for the e-books you do buy.

What is interesting to me is the range of free books available. The section you see in the picture is from Einstein's theory of relativity.

I see that, asides for when I'm travelling, the Kindle will be great for reading all the books in a series. This is something that has long been an issue for me with library books.


  1. Happy New Years Tim, I also recently got the Sony ebook ( similar to the kindle) At first I quite liked it as I am a huge reader and liked the small size for carrying around in my purse etc. The battery was supposed to last for 2 weeks but died after a couple of days. I had to wait 4 hours for it to recharge before I could continue reading. Then the next day it just stopped working all together. I had to wait over a week before I had a day off that wasn't a holiday, to exchange it. It's a great toy until it stops working. Luckily all the books I had downloaded are still on my computer and could be transferred to the new unit. Love the free books, am in the middle of one now. I just got the new one yesterday so interested to see if it works properly now. Happy reading!

  2. Hi Rhianna

    Mine's only had the initial charge when I first got it - Some 4 or 5 books previously and still going strong.

    It's supposed to last up to a month with wireless turned off.



  3. Hi Tim! lucky person eh? Tesler was way ahead of Einstein and he (Einstein ) didn`t get the nobel prize for his theory of relativity. it is also felt by some theorists that "The speed of time is directly proportional to the amplitude of the gravitational flux?" who knows? Im glad I don`t own my version of Amazon now (I sold out befor Amazon started) and now who knows how the electronic book will effect their business? maybe we will be able to feed our blogs on to it? Heaven forbid!

  4. Fred (WWR)12:34 AM

    I haven't gotten the kindle device yet, just the software for my PC. Do you have to have a paid for internet connection to use the device? Or exactly how does that part of it work?

  5. Anonymous5:09 PM

    A good number of titles are available from Project Gutenberg, here: http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page

    And from Project Gutenberg of Europe, Canada, Australia and others.

  6. Anonymous6:51 PM

    BUT BUT BUT....what if you got lost in the woods..these things are 50 times harder to light than a book...and they would really be a pain u know where compared to soft pages of a book if you ran out of toilet paper...

  7. Anonymous1:11 PM

    are you on Vay Kay TZ?

  8. Hi there

    I'm very busy with work at the moment, so no time for blog or anything.