Tuesday, January 04, 2011


KindleFather Christmas was good to me this year - Here you see my new Kindle.

After my recent travels, and lots of questions, it seemed obvious I should get a Kindle (Thanks Dick). So far I've not been disappointed.

Amazon say of the Kindle that they want the technology to disappear, and the reading experience to remain. Recently, while reading a book on my Kindle I found myself trying to turn the page like I would on a book, so I can say that they have probably achieved that with me.

I like the fact that it just works, including downloading books wherever I am.

I don't like what seems to be extraordinary high prices for the e-books you do buy.

What is interesting to me is the range of free books available. The section you see in the picture is from Einstein's theory of relativity.

I see that, asides for when I'm travelling, the Kindle will be great for reading all the books in a series. This is something that has long been an issue for me with library books.