Thursday, November 18, 2010

Queen Mary 2 in New York

In New YorkThe Wanderbird was tied up at a place called Atlantic Basin, in New York.

During the early morning on the day following our arrival, the Queen Mary 2 arrived just over the way from us.

A few minutes walk provided the perfect photo opportunity, with the Statue of Liberty framed under the bow of the Queen Mary 2.

It shouldn't do, but it was a bit weird for me to see the Queen Mary 2 there. Just like being in Southampton docks again.

Like so much I've experienced with boats - I again had that feeling of things being the same, but different.


  1. I can understand. There's been many the occasion when I have seen the same cargo vessel at port on the US east coast and then again in either Rotterdam or in the Middle East.

  2. Hi Dennis



  3. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Since I wasn't able to see this exact photo, beautifully framed Statue of Liberty under the prow of Queen
    Mary II I REALLY appreciate this photo. Thanks Tim
    Roger PS Thanks also for prompting me to learn a bit about social networking online. I needed the push!

  4. Hi Roger

    We are all learning, all the time.