Tuesday, November 30, 2010


WeatherNow all the travel is over, and I've had a chance to recover from the jet lag, you would expect things to be getting back to normal here.


It seems the weather has other ideas.

Suddenly, over the weekend, it's got really cold here - just on or below freezing during the day.

With icy patches on deck, and the prospect of snow on the horizon, it's hard to muster the enthusiasm to get back to the rust busting the deck project.

Or any projects on board for that matter, with it being so cold.

Here you see Fred posing, just before he starts his journey home. Potentially through ice and snow, which we are not good at handling here in the UK

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home at last

For those of you who don't know, I'm home again, at last.

As a matter of interest, the LED I've been blogging about is still shining brightly!

It's been a very slow weekend for me, as I've always found travelling back from the US hard jet-lag wise. Consequently I spent most of the weekend recovering from my adventure (read sleeping) & managed no work on board.

For now, I'm still playing catchup at work, so am somewhat busy right now.

Normal posting will resume shortly, as things get back to normal.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


TugsterLife is so strange, you could not make some of this stuff up!

Here you see Will, aka Tugster, at work in one of his New York 'offices'. This one has a canteen just a few doors away which served us a fine lunch.

I've been following Tugster's blog off and on for the last three or four years now and, likewise, Tugster has been following mine, with occasional comments.

It seemed rude to go to New York, and not to let Tugster know I'd be arriving on Wanderbird.

With emails back and forth, and phone calls the day before arriving, Tugster was at Hell Gate to welcome us into New York with a big cheery wave as we steamed past.

The next day, Tugster took me to a few of his favourite ship/tug spotting locations, where we hung out watching the shipping world go by. Great fun - thanks for the hospitality Will.

Tugster has produced some fine posts on Wanderbird, here and here.

If you follow boats, and tugs in particular, his blog is worth checking into, as he posts regularly.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Queen Mary 2 in New York

In New YorkThe Wanderbird was tied up at a place called Atlantic Basin, in New York.

During the early morning on the day following our arrival, the Queen Mary 2 arrived just over the way from us.

A few minutes walk provided the perfect photo opportunity, with the Statue of Liberty framed under the bow of the Queen Mary 2.

It shouldn't do, but it was a bit weird for me to see the Queen Mary 2 there. Just like being in Southampton docks again.

Like so much I've experienced with boats - I again had that feeling of things being the same, but different.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New York

New YorkHere we are on the Wanderbird, cruising down New York's East River towards Atlantic Basin, where we will tie up alongside Cape Race.

For those regular readers, I know this post is a little late. I can only blame Barry, the barman at a most unusual pub, The Bait & Tackle, here in Red Hook, New York.

As we were travelling through New York, right by Manhatten, all the passengers and crew had big grins on their faces.

That last streach of our journey easily surpassed all expectations I had of arriving in New York by boat like that.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Next stop - New York

NewtownHere's the Wanderbird, neatly tucked in alongside a fishing wharf in Newport, Rhode Island.

We got in fairly late last night, but not so late as to miss last orders at the Black Pearl, just a few hundred yards from where we were tied up.

This mornings departure was somewhat tinged with sadness as we said goodbye to new friends Steve and Dianna and the larger than life couple that are Bruce and Sheila from 7-C's Charters.

Such is the nature of boating it seems, always saying farewell to friends new and old.

Right now, as I post this, we are just entering Long Island Sound.

If all goes according to plan, we should be hitting the approach to New York sometime around dawn.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Through the Cape Cod Canal

Cape Cod Canal

Live, right now, we have just called up on the radio and cleared ourselves out of the west side of the Cape Cod Canal, now in buzzards bay.

The whole day has been sunshine, no wind and pleasantly warm - especially when sat out on deck in the afternoon sun.

The wonderful weather and pleasant companionship on board the Wanderbird completely cancels out the miserable cold and the lumpy seas of the last few days.

We steamed down from Gloucester yesterday afternoon and evening, after a few hours wait for the seas to settle down somewhat.

It looks like it's going to be good weather and calm seas all the way through to New York Now. Tugster, we are on our way!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another day in Gloucester

Gloucester from the WanderbirdWe are still here in Gloucester.

The picture you see is as of right now, while writing this blog entry.

While it looks sunny and warm, it's actually very windy and cold out.

Gloucester is very much the centre of a lot of US maritime history, including the perfect storm.

In fact we drank at the very bar that was part of the whole story. This gives you all somewhat of a clue as to why I did not post yesterday!

If the forecast stays accurate, we will most likely be leaving here tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Gloucester - twin lighthouses

Twin lighthouses Glouchester.jpgThis was a welcome sight for many of us on the Wanderbird this morning.

We sailed all night through some pretty rough seas, which persisted for the entire twenty or so hours of steaming all the way down from Rockland, where we had taken on some diesel yesterday afternoon.

After an initial delay due to cooling problems, the engine did not miss a beat the entire way.

As before, when travelling on the Wanderbird I find myself thinking there is no reason Lady Jane can't be doing the same thing.

We are now snug inside Gloucester harbour, and are likely to be holed up here for the next few days on account of the weather.

By all accounts, this is not a bad place to be stuck, as there is plenty to see and do hereabouts.

Monday, November 08, 2010

The start of an adventure

Wanderbird in BelfastHere you see the Wanderbird, nestled in her home port of Belfast, Maine, USA.

Right now, I'm sitting high up in the wheelhouse - dashing out this blog entry!

The sense of excitement is slowly building here on board.

In a few hours, we set off for Rockport, for fuel, then onwards in easy stages down to New York.

Our actual destination today really depends on the weather, and the sea state, as it was pretty windy last night.

As captain Rick says, safety is everything.

It is such fun to be back on board the Wanderbird, with friends both new and old.

More on this great adventure as it unfolds..

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Work has been a bit mad, so no time for me to post.

I can tell you that the LED is still going strong. That's more than three months solid it's been lit now.