Tuesday, October 05, 2010


There is nothing like good customer service.

Some time ago I bought some, very expensive, waterproof boots for the boat.

My original plan was to get a pair of cheap wellies. In the event I was persuaded to buy a pair of Sebago boots.

Now I really don't mind spending good money on quality stuff, especially when my own comfort is involved.

Anyway, the supposed waterproof boots leaked, so I took them back. The people at the shop were very good about it, but made me feel it must have been me that was wrong, or that I had done something to them.

The shop replaced the boots with another pair of the same type etc.

Some time later, when the new boots were needed, I discovered that they also leaked. Because of the journey involved, and the fact that it seemed to be my fault, I did not take them back.

Recently, at the boatshow, I spied the Sebago stand and went and asked one of the guys there if their boots were really supposed to be waterproof. He seemed a bit surprised at the question and replied, yes - absolutely.

After I explained my issue, he gave me a name and number to call at Sebago to arrange a replacement.

Because of my holiday, it was only after I got back that I called the Sebago folks.

With absolutely no argument, and an apology, they arranged for new boots to be despatched to me. Apparently there had been a faulty batch and I was just unlucky.

After initial testing in the bath last night, my replacement Sebago boots seem just fine.

Ahh - comfy waterproof boots at last!

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  1. That's some great customer service. Hey nothing is worse then wet feet when you expect them to be dry.