Thursday, October 28, 2010

Central heating upgrade

Central heatingIt's time for an upgrade to the central heating system.

The wheelhouse does not stay as warm as the rest of the heated areas of the boat, mostly because the radiator in there is comparatively small.

What I'm doing in the picture is installing pipes underneath the wheelhouse deck, so making underfloor heating.

The new system definitely works, though I'll need to spend some time balancing up the rest of the system, as now the galley is not as toasty warm as it used to be..


  1. Comfort is important, especially for those long trips. When you say under floor heating do you mean that the floor will radiate the heat?

  2. Hi Dennis

    The hot water from the central heating system runs through the plastic pipe you see.

    This pipe is, in turn, glued to the steel deckhead and insulated from below.

    The heat transferred to the steel from the piping is then radiated up through the floor.

    Slow to warm up, but very effective once going.