Wednesday, September 01, 2010


StudsWith the wood off, I can now get going with the work on the steel deck.

The first job, after cleaning up, is to cut back all the remaining studs.

Some of the rusty studs had been 'popped' off when the wood was ripped off, some were rusted away to sharp points on the deck, while the remainder were in pretty good shape.

All the studs needed cutting off before doing anything else, as they had a nasty habit of catching the unwary out underfoot. Especially the sharp ones!

Cutting the damn things took ages, with me finding the odd one long after I thought I'd got the lot.

A curious by-product of the cutting process was smouldering piles of sawdust in several unexpected places on deck, started by the sparks from the angle grinder (it's almost impossible to sweep sawdust up effectively in a strong breeze).

Maybe Ray Mears would be pleased to hear of one more method of making fire without matches? That may well come in handy - up in the Arctic tundra for example.

Not so good on deck, obviously.


  1. Fred (WWR)9:13 PM

    So Tim, how does the steel look?

    Will any of it have to be replaced?

    Do you feel shorter now when stranding on deck? :)

  2. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Nice big concrete pad just to the left there. Any decision on whether those will come out? Could spend a few pleasant hours with your Hilti on that.

  3. Hi Fred

    The steel, on the whole, looks surprisingly good, and I don't believe there is any that needs replacing (at the moment).

    In one place you can still see the primer on the steel.

    I will only really know once the rust busting starts. You know how these things go:)

    As to feeling shorter, it has the effect of making big puddles on deck, where the water can't drain through the scuppers.



  4. Hi Anonymous

    Yes, the concrete is going to go.

    It depends on how I feel as to when it actually gets disappeared.