Monday, September 20, 2010

Bits and bobs

Bits and bobsI'm still working away on the electronics front as well, I've just not blogged about it much.

The image shows a chart comparing the last 12 hours of temperatures in the wheelhouse with those 24 hours previously.

The chart you see is from a website I've created, which is sent data regularly directly from Lady Jane.

There is not much going on with the rest of the website, which was actually originally setup for something I'm looking at for work,

If you are curious, the temperatures as at 5.30 yesterday are here: and the voltages here: (note that if you are reading this some time after the date of this post, things may well have moved on a bit).

This, in effect, opens up the way for any of Lady Jane's vital statistics to be made available real-time on the internet.

The possibilities here are endless.....

Work on this is on hold at the moment, hence the frozen time on the website, as I've been distracted with something else.


  1. Ahh, now we're getting somewhere. Real electronics. :) Check out the url I linked to with my name to see my live plots of temp/pres/wind speed. I just collect data from a weatherstation that I purchased, i don't digitize it myself. But I have learned a bit about the collection and presentation of the data.

    Raw data is collected [in perl] and logged to a flat file [every second]. A separate process [also perl] wakes up every couple minutes and runs through that data and puts 1minute/5minute/60minute averages in a database. Another process mirrors that database to a separate db on my web server. And then on the server a [bash] cgi script grabs the correct data points from the local db and graphs 'em [using gnuplot] generating .png images from the data on the fly.

  2. Whoa! I want one!for engine room monitoring, water temp per engine, engine room temp, oil pressure per engine,turbo pressure, fuel usage Whoa there! I wish!!!!!

  3. Hi erik

    I looked at your site - that's kind of where I'm going, but I've used a quite different approach.

    I'll soon do a post covering how I've done all this.



  4. Hi Rob

    I've some more development to do, mostly on reliability of 3G internet connection.

    Maybe then it would be practical to package it up for others to try.