Friday, August 27, 2010


Tranquil settingKnee deep in dirt and completely exhausted in the evening, it's easy to loose sight of the bigger picture.

Here Patch and I relax with an evening meal at the Jolly Sailor in Bursledon, after skimming round from the River Itchen in the rib (hbi for you guys in the US).

You can see the rib floating in the river there.

It's a lovely, tranquil, spot well up the River Hamble, and I can well recommend both the food and service there.

Getting to do this kind of thing is what it's really all about.


  1. Didn`t the pub used to do very nice breakfasts, early morning for yachties? I seem to remember that I moored up there, a good few years back, and was invited to an early morning treat by the then tenant, owner or manager? during the evening before session :o))

  2. Hi TZ. Just checking up on you. First time in a while. We are now in St. John's Newfoundland on our way back home from a 6000 mile expedition to Northern Labrador and Greenland. Absolutely incredible. All is well and working aboard the good ship Wanderbird.Had a great crossing ceremony for the crew as we passed over the Arctic Circle. Your Friends, Rick and Karen

  3. Hi Rob

    It's not my normal patch, so I don't know.

    We have the Yellow Welly up at Shamrock Quay, which do great breakfasts.



  4. Hi There Rick & Karen

    Great to hear from you guys again.

    It looks like you had a wonderful experience - I'm suitably envious!

    A big cheers.


  5. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Lets go in tandem next summer!

  6. Tandem - sounds like a plan.

    I wonder what John will be up to then?