Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boat issues

Boat issuesOne thing I've found: No matter how much of a state things get for me, there is always someone worse off.

This was towed past Lady Jane a few days ago.

Need I say more?


  1. Sadly yet another wooden boat!

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    its found a home on the mud flats below Northam Bridge,an illegal mooring and when the give up we will have yet another wreck lying about.It will not be insured so if it breaks free nobody will be found who will be responsible for the damage.If the port authority tow it away what do they do with it? Was a time it could be dragged up the beach and burnt but not anymore.So come on all you smart people out there what is the answer??I love wooden boats but that is a pile of wet wood that died a long time ago.

  3. Take it out and turn it into a temporary reef giving home to the fishes? and an interesting view point for the novice divers?

  4. Tim's got a chainsaw somewhere.

    Bad seb.

  5. Having said that, Anonymous has a point, there's a bunch of wooden wrecks near me and every so often a lump breaks off of one and after getting tangled in my mooring lines etc inevitably eventually heads out to sea. I often find myself wondering just how much of a danger these large pieces of flotsam can be to other boats as they often float extremely low in the water and so are difficult to see.

  6. And believe me, something nice could made from this boat. You only need a lot of time, money and the knowledge to do so.

    People still buy a wooden ship, it is often cheap, and it seems easier then metal to work with...

    And what happens on a tidal mooring with a wooden ship...

    So yes, I suppose a wooden ship being towed to a tidal mooring will end up as a pile of wood someday.