Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big progress

This pictures shows just how much progress Seb and I made on the ripping up the deck project, all the way round from the port side.

Big progressWe got this far ripping up the main boards before blunting the second chainsaw chain. It refused to cut any more, only producing a plume of smoke from where we were trying to cut - not good.

You will also note that the sacrificial decking, the planks laid on top of the main deck, has also been removed.

By three o'clock on the second day of this, neither Seb nor I could stand anymore as we were that tired. Time to stop before one of us got hurt.

Now it's just the wood on the main part of the deck that needs lifting, and some tricky bits we left at the edges to lift.

I know it does not look much in the picture, but we have achieved a fantastic amount.

The chainsaw made it all possible, but the crowbar, now a bit bent, was the real star of the show.


  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Amazing. It looks like soil under there. I suppose that is just all the accumulated crud that you've swept off the remaining decking.

    I'd like to understand what is under there. Is there bitumen/tar coating on the steel under the wood?

    What have you done with the studs? Are you just cutting them all off?

    What are the dimensions of the timbers you're pulling up? Are they all a total disaster, or are some sound? Would you re-use any?

    Do you have any plan forming for what to do to re-lay the deck?

  2. Hi Anonymous

    Questions, questions!

    It's mostly sawdust you can see, that and accumulated sand from under the sacrificial decking.

    I'll answer these all in my next post (or two).



  3. I would imagine the underlying steel has some degree of crown, correct?

  4. I haven't had the honor of ripping decking off of a boat just yet, but I have removed/replaced the hardwood floor in our house. So I can sympathize. Tearing the old wood out is the easy part, it is the constant stooping over and lifting that drags you down. When the project is complete all the sacrifice will be well worth the effort.

  5. Anonymous7:41 PM

    tim get a sharpening file to fit chain with guide and i will sharpen the chain up for you.regards john
    ps I hope Seb wore gloves,we would not like those hand decorations ruined by scarring would we??

  6. Hi John

    Those chains are in a really sorry state!

    Yup, the birds are intact!