Thursday, July 29, 2010

2nd bunk

2nd bunkHere you see Andy in an action shot - in the process of securing one of the supporting pieces on the second bunk.

The picture is a little deceptive, in that the bunk is a double width bunk, and more than long enough to accommodate six foot plus occupants.

Sitting on the completed platform, leaning against the side wall, I finally get a much better impression of just how much space there is down here.

Like the first bunk, there is some way to go with the fitting out of storage space below the bunk and the cladding and curtaining around the bunk itself.

For the first time ever, I've had a really clear view of just how this space could look when finished.

Plenty more to do though... Too much to even contemplate making any kind of list.


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I'm sure it's an illusion, but it looks like it is sloped inward, away from the hull.

    Just out of curiosity, how do you go about "leveling" something like this?

    I guess you plan to have some sort of locker below. Can you explain what will happen above/around the bunk? Is it going to be just curtains, or will you put walls too?

  2. Anonymous12:02 PM

    is that treated green wood not full of toxins & such ???

  3. Hi Anonymous

    It's an illusion. Yes.

    The levelling process involved plenty of discussion, walking around testing other surfaces with a spirit level and some lying about on the other bunk.

    The plan is very much to have a locker, and other storage, built in, along with four poster bed style privacy curtaining.

    The bunk will also have retaining walls to help keep people safe cozy,



  4. Hi Anonymous

    I'm not aware of any particular toxins or anything and its not like anyone will be eating the wood or anything anyway :)

    Besides, the treated wood is simply structural, and forms no real part of the actual finished bunk surfaces.



  5. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Good one...not eating the wood...BUT you will be breathing in the air in a confined space that the wood is offgasing in...pretty much the same thing.You should use inert/natural items/woods in confined living spaces...or stop breathing while in such areas...or use a SCUBA setup.No insurance company would pay up if you died from lung cancer and your air space is tested for toxins and found to be ladened with such crap.