Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hardware - Engine telemetry

Electronics - Engine telemetryOne thing this recent move has done, has encouraged me finally to upgrade the engine telemetry hardware.

You can see the stark difference between the prototype on the left and the finalised board on the right.

What had happened, was the old setup would work perfectly - until the vibration from the main engine caused intermittent connection issues, then the software could not cope.

The new, upgraded, hardware is all soldered up, so vibration is no longer an issue.

I'll publish the charts from Saturdays trip in my next post, for those who are interested. I only recorded rpm's and temperatures, as there was a small issue on the board that prevented the pressure sensors from working correctly.


  1. Nice one Tim! what are the chips, your using?

  2. Hi Rob

    I use PIC chips from Microchip. In this case a PIC16F88.



  3. Anonymous2:10 PM


    This engine telemetry stuff is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing charts and analysis and all that. Good one Tim!

  4. Hi Anonymous - done!

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. Thanks for that Tim!