Friday, May 28, 2010

Mr & Mrs Duck

Mr n Mrs DuckIt would not be spring without my making some kind of mention of newly hatched chicks.

You can just see Mr and Mrs Duck toddling away from Lady Jane with four chicks (The ship in the background could be the Ventura, I'm not sure).

They had obviously just hatched from the nest which was up against the fence. Apparently there were no less than eight eggs originally.

Before this picture was taken I saw two of the ducklings in the water already, but they were abandoned to their fate.

A little while later I saw the little chicks flutter/fall into the water after their mother. Sooo cute!

Right now, if you look carefully at the webcam you can see there are three gull chicks wandering around on top of the concrete block to the very left of the picture.

It's all go around here in the springwatch department.

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  1. Dennis @ Marine Electronics1:11 AM

    Amazing to see nature march on without the help of man. There is so much wildlife to see on/near the water.