Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A room with a view

A room with a viewThis is the new view I have from one of Lady Jane's wheelhouse windows, the result of a recent move from my usual moorings in the river Itchen.

A huge thanks to John, Paul, Fred and Ken for their help in crewing. I'll post more on what was a relatively quick and straightforward journey later.

What has happened was the company who own the moorings are doing routine maintenance on them, which means all of us on those moorings need to be off them while they drag it all up, clean it and whatever then put it all back down again.

We have been provided alternate, temporary, berthing, which happens to be right in the thick of it in the main Southampton docks.

The original plan was to take Lady Jane across to Cowes, in the Isle of Wight, but unfortunately they didn't have a space available for a vessel of Lady Jane's weight.

I'm already discovering that the berth can be a bit rough with the arrival of the fast ferries just next door. But on the plus side, I have a great view of all the activity in the port and am alongside so there is no need for a small boat journey every time I come and go. Great for loading and unloading stuff.

The servicing should take a month, though I suspect it will be some time longer, as I'm told the tug booked to do the work has a breakdown, already delaying the job.


  1. Wow! Make the best of the along side situation! as soon as you move back you will remember something that you should have done :o))

  2. Hi Rob

    Chances are I'll also spend time exploring, as we are so close to the IOW ferries ans central Southampton.



  3. You could do worse! lots to see all around there. I had a berth in the Beauleigh river for a few years, nice part of the country. enjoy!

  4. Hi Rob

    It will be different, that's for sure.



  5. Hi TZ. Sounds great . Don't forget to water up! We're headed north from the Caribbean tomorrow . 1600 nm to Gloucester Massachusetts and the shipyard, then on to Labrador and Greenland. Miss you. Wanderbirds

  6. Anonymous2:18 PM

    The now clear water allowed me to view the underwater marine garden??Hope you like the fendering we managed to secure for the old girl.We have doubts about Lilaginas ability to stand up to the rolling about alongside but i have a check mark so i will keep an eye on her.speak soon.Regards John