Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ground tackle

Ground tackleHere's an unusual sight. The ground tackle and mooring buoys Lady Jane has been hanging off of these last years.

This is why Lady Jane is now tucked into berth 50 in Southampton's main port, as this stuff has all been dragged up for servicing.

This stuff is all so huge! The diameter of those buoys is almost my height - 1.8M (6 ft).

I took more pictures than usual, so go look in my Flickr account to see more. The main reason being the next time we will see this stuff, if ever, will only be in five years time.

Looking at the various pictures, I'm intrigued to see the different styles of anchor used. Obviously they just used whatever heavy old anchors they could get their hands on.

Particularly interesting is the bent over flukes on two of the anchors. Presumably to help prevent an unwary boat getting spiked as it goes over them at low tide.

Oh yes, and to give some kind of idea of the size of chain, I used both my mobile phone and shoe to add perspective.

If you were to ask me, servicing this heavy duty tackle every five years is too often. I can't see it rusting away or anything anytime soon.

Still, at least the mooring buoys will be looking all shiny yellow and new when it all goes back in.


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    its only as good as the weakest link tim and thats the bit between lady j and the buoy!! regards the ancient mariner??

  2. Hi there

    It's a good thing I have big thick ropes to moor her with :)