Monday, April 19, 2010

Cowes sunset

Cowes sunsetThis from a lovely warm, tranquil, evening in Cowes with Patch, via the fast ferry.

There is always something to do on Lady Jane, so many projects and so little time.

It's this frame of mind that I've been in for some time, and so have somewhat forgotten the dream.

The dream is to be able to take Lady Jane places, explore and enjoy, then move on when we are ready.

This move to Southampton docks, while not everyone's idea of a dream location, reminds me it's not all work and that in the years I've been in Southampton I've not really taken any time out to explore the area, other than finding places to buy stuff.

So with that in mind, and while the opportunity presents itself, it's time to live the dream somewhat.

Don't worry, I'm not abandoning work on the old girl, just adjusting the balance somewhat.


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    you could see the same sunset from the foremast while chipping and painting it!!voila! two birds with one stone and twice the romance.Regards John

  2. Go for it Tim! enjoy

  3. "Too much work and not enough play makes Tim a dull Bouy"

  4. Hi John

    The mast - definitely a summer job when she is back in the calm of the Itchen!



  5. I can so relate to what you are saying. When I first got my boat, I pictured myself anchored in wonderful remote locations, sipping marguaritas on the back deck. HA! I never left the dock, spent all my money and time on repairs and was lucky to have a lukewarm beer from the tempermental fridge. Take some time to enjoy your boat and put the list away for a bit.

  6. Hi Tim

    Enjoy your self, I will be here when you return.

    I have been helping my son move and get his new to him house fixed up.

    Now I have to go home and get my boat ready to go in the water.

    Bill Kelleher