Monday, April 26, 2010

Broken generator

Broken generatorThis was inevitable, my faithful ol Honda generator is broken.

I've had it six years now, and it's run pretty much without missing a beat, so I don't feel it owes me anything.

The problem sounds simple enough to fix, the pull chord to start the generator broke (I bet Fred is pleased this happened when I tried to start the generator, and not him).

The trouble is, as I discovered, you need to virtually pull the generator apart to get to the starting mechanism.

To cap it all, amongst all the ropes and things I have on board, I could not find the right size nylon chord to replace the broken one.

So I now own one more thing in pieces...


  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I thought you had a 8 or 10 KW electric-start generator. Not to mention you have an inverter that could run a welder at need.

    Why muck around with this little 1500 watt genny?

  2. Hi Anonymous

    Actually I have a few different size generators. Each has it's place, depending on what I need.

    This one is brilliant, as it runs very quietly and will run for hours on relatively little fuel.

    It's perfect for providing power on board when there is no wind and I'm doing stuff which would otherwise cause a steady drain on the batteries during the day.



  3. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Perhaps more significant than the generator, I can see your boarding ladder in the background, under extreme magnification. I can finally see how you have it attached. I like the 2x2 fir rubbing blocks you have fastened to the ladder.

    I'm still curious to see a proper view of it at high and low tide.

  4. Hi Anonymous

    I'll see what I can do...



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