Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bitts and pieces

Bitts and piecesNo not THE bits and pieces no, I'm talking bitts made from pieces - literally.

(Bitt - A post mounted on the ship's bow, for fastening ropes or cables.)

In order to fit the windlass up forwards, I needed to cut the bitts from the middle of Lady Jane's upper deck and replace them with two pairs, one either side.

I don't really know why there was only ever one set of bitts there in the first place.

Because Lady Jane is tied up using the bitts in place, we needed to make new ones before we could chop the old ones and mount the windlass.

Anyway, Seb and I had discussed how we were going to make the bitts, with the original plan being to have the two parts vertical, and mounted on a section of channel.

As things turned out, it made sense to copy the style of the existing bitts so things looked, and worked, the same throughout the vessel.

We got to discussing how we were going to mark, then cut, the correct angle consistently on all the lengths of pipe we needed. I suggested using a plastic box filled with water, then using a block we could put the pipe onto, then marking where to cut along the resulting sloping waterline.

Seb tried this, round about the time I produced my new set of welding magnets for him to admire. Call it serendipity, but Seb pointed out that the magnets had just the right angle for us to use for the pipes which would make up the bitts.

This explains the manic grin you can see in the picture, as things suddenly slotted neatly into place.

Using the magnets, we were guaranteed the same angle on both ends of the pipe, as well as across both sets of bitts we were making.


  1. Modified Old Co2 gas bottles
    (speak with your local publican)make good "Bitts" if you don`t have vast sums of money to buy new primed pipe :o))

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Is a bitt like this really just welded to the deck? I would have thought it should reach down into the structure and connect to some more substantial framing somehow.

  3. Hi Rob

    The great thing about new piping is there is no rust or issues to deal with.

    You pay for it though.



  4. Hi Anonymous

    Not just onto the deck - see my next post.