Thursday, February 04, 2010


TrawlingLast week, as I arrived on board Lady Jane, a small, local, trawler was at work on the river close to me.

This picture shows the marks on the river bed where the trawler was fishing for mussels and the like.

Normally I see one or two streaks in the mud, evidence of boats taking a short cut and chancing it with the tide, or maybe just plain dumbness.

A few things about the marks.

The first is the bottom has always been muddy as long as I've been there, so I don't feel any massive destruction has been caused. It's just some blokes getting on with what must be a pretty tough job in all weathers.

The second is just how thorough that skipper was in terms of ground coverage. His 'net' was only a few metres across at the most, but the ground seems fairly evenly ploughed up.

The final thing is I'm just imagining what Lady Jane's nets must have done to the seabed when she fished, as presumably the grounds she fished on had more life on them.

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