Monday, February 01, 2010

Pigeon proofing

Pigeon proofingNow I love nature as much as the next man but, in my view, pigeons are best seen at a distance.

Now it's coming up to nesting season, I want to make sure that the local pigeons are discouraged from making a nest in the shelter that is the new workshop space.

We have loads of pigeons about, and I'm sure they would nest in the workshop if they had half a chance.

Dirty, smelly, creatures.


  1. My fiancee is very scared of pigeons.. she actually bolts if they come within a foot or two of her.

  2. She would be fine on LJ now :)



  3. I arrived at my boat in Cowes one day in the dinghy there were about thirty starlings hanging on to the rigging !
    So first job was scrubbing the deck.

  4. Starlings are messy creatures, especially if they have been at red berries!