Thursday, February 25, 2010


BoatI posted about this boat some time ago.

Here's the view from the front.

Could be they are not aware they don't need planning permission to put in windows?

All the construction going on above and around it now gives it a sort of pre-historic look.

I presume all this work is in preparation for some kind of shrink wrapping.

Possibly for protection against the glorious summer I feel we are all owed after such a long, miserable, wet, cold, winter.

Cruising some of the other boat blogs I hang out on, I see I'm not the only person who has not done terribly much over the last few months.

Roll on summer!


  1. I hear you! Between such a long, cold, wet winter and being seriously ill and told to avoid ALL dust, mould, and toxic chemicals (even hair dye and cleaning products!), we've got next to nothing done on Hendrik in the last 6 months... Which is probably why we haven't blogged much.

  2. Man, that's some seriously creative use of MDPE water pipe!

    I wonder if Martin will be the man doing the shrinkwrapping? If you happen to see him (easily recognisable from his Del Boy impression) say a warm HideHi from me will ya?

    regards, S

  3. slightly early happy 5th anniversary. boat projects are endleess, but you've made tremendous progress over 1800ish days.

  4. Hai, just enjoy the journey. You will find another fun thing on the way

  5. Anonymous5:56 PM

    come on tim update i am bored looking at the same picture,maybe a snap of the squashed rib would be good for a laugh????