Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Surviving winter

SurvivingI'm hoping we have had the last of the bitter cold this winter, but you never know.

This weekend at least gave me a chance to check everything was ok on Lady Jane, especially after the very cold snap.

As it turns out, I had a burst pipe in the galley. Fortunately it's not too big of a job to fix. At least I think it's not going to be a big job.

I usually leave the power off when I leave Lady Jane, so at least the burst pipe didn't cause a flood, or cause me to loose all my freshwater.

If that had of happened, I guess the water pump would probably have burned out as well.

There is always something...


  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    well tim I am back afloat after nearly 4 months off and the few times I ventured out of the wheelhouse it sure felt cold to me.So take a tip from me,either stay at home in the warm or run up the main engine and sit on it!! Speak soon John

  2. Hi Tim, Happy New Years to you. I guess you guys are getting the winter we had last year. It's been super mild here, no snow at all, even in the mountains and balmy temperatures all around.The flowers are even starting to bloom. Such a change from last year when we were battling to keep tons of snow from sinking our fleet and struggling with constantly frozen water lines.Hope spring comes for you soon.Rhianna

  3. HI John

    Godd to hear you are back.

    You will have to drop by for a cuppa one of these days.



  4. Hi there Rhianna

    My take on it is we do have global warming, so the weather patterns are changing.

    The cold is leaking away from the cold places, warming them up.

    Kind of like opening the freezer door and all that cold air spills out I suppose.