Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Calm after the storm

Calm after the stormWhat a wild Saturday down on the River Itchen!

I don't think I've ever been on board Lady Jane when the weather has been so wild before.

I've also never seen the wind generator producing as many amps as it was doing on Saturday (14.7 amps was the top I saw, with an average of just over 8 amp hours = 0.224 Kwh).

Needless to say, the wind generator produced too much power. So much so that I eventually went out into the storm and stopped the blades. No point in wearing the thing out unnecessarily.

The picture shows my wind generator amp monitor on the Sunday, in the calm after the storm. It's showing 436 amp seconds produced in the last hour in virtually no wind.

Overall, I would guess the wind generator is now producing about triple the power than it was doing before.


  1. Thats encouraging! Perhaps you should have taken the opportunity to do some more electrically demanding tasks.... toasted bagel anyone?

  2. Hey TZ. Just wondering if you got my last email. Cheers, RIck

  3. Sounds great. It's a shame you can't store it other than in full batteries! We've had some pretty hectic winds here too.