Monday, September 07, 2009

Workshop space

Workshop spaceHere's a peek inside the new workshop space.

Obviously the sides still need to be completed, but I just wanted to show off the space itself.

What is quite strange is that the main deck space does not feel any smaller and, even more strange, this space under the whaleback now seems to have grown larger.

In fact the usable workshop space is 2.7m (9 ft) by 4.3m (14 ft), so a good size then.

There is still plenty left to do, including rust busting and painting the roof space there. At least that can be done in almost any weather now.

I'm also pretty sure that come winter, condensation dripping from above will dictate putting in some form of insulation into the deckhead.


  1. Fred (WWR)4:01 AM

    Looking good! A little heat and you will be able to do projects in there all year round.

  2. Wow, my husband will be really jealous about the amount of space you have there. The workshop he is 'allowed' is only half the size.

  3. Hi Fred

    I have an old gas cylinder that I'm planning to convert into a woodburner....



  4. Hi Fran

    As any self respecting bloke knows, work expands into the time and space allowed for it.