Monday, September 28, 2009

New inverter charger

New inverter chargerWhat a difference this makes to life.

I've had this installed for one day, and already I'm enjoying the benefit of my new 3.5 kva inverter/charger.

To step back a bit, Andy and I sat down and discussed a plan for Lady Jane's power sometime in late 2007. An almost all day discussion if I remember rightly.

The core of the plan was an entire system for Lady Jane's power, revolving around the battery bank and external power supplies featuring:

  • The batteries would provide 24V for the lights and other boat related functions.
  • A big 3kw, pure sine, inverter would provide the mains power from the batteries.
  • The batteries would be topped up using the wind generator.
  • When the battery voltage dropped below a certain point, a generator would automatically start to charge the battery.
  • The system would automatically switch power between a deck input (either one of my 2 deck generators or shore power), the donkey engine and the inverter.
  • A separate mains power socket would be active when a generator/shore power was available to run things like a battery charger.
  • 240V mains sockets would be installed at key points on the boat.

All that time ago, delivery on the plan seemed like an impossible task as some of this stuff neither of us had any idea about.

Of course, some elements of the plan such as the 24V lights and the wind generator were already in place and just had to be incorporated into whatever we were doing.

Since then, the highlights have been:

Now, as a result of a visit to the 2009 Southampton boatshow, I have the last of the major pieces of the original plan installed. The slightly bigger than planned pure sine inverter which is also a battery charger.

Suddenly, with the addition of this new inverter/charger, everything has come together beautifully.


  1. Fred (WWR)11:33 AM

    Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? I hope you sat back, lit a cigar, perhaps a beverage, and admired your work :) .

    Neat looking job guys.

  2. Hi Fred


    In fact the cigar is still going.



  3. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Are you still planning independent low voltage lighting in any areas? I believe you once wrote about having LED lighting in the head or something like that.

  4. Hi Anonymous

    Independent, low voltage, lighting was never on the plan.

    Low voltage (possibly led) yes, but not independent.

    I may also put in lighting which has it's own battery backup, just in case, but these will still be on the 24V circuit.

    The led lighting in the head was a quick fix. The previous light actually fell in the hole and, unsurprisingly, immediately died!

    When the 24V wiring is better sorted out, I'll convert that led light strip to 24V.



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