Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Splashing on the blue

Splashing the blue paint aboutIt's becoming apparent that I'm again spending a summer dodging the rain clouds.

Here you see the finishing coat of blue over the patches I welded in last year.

I initially painted over the patches with blue, then re-painted most of the forward part of the starboard side.

While there are still a few slightly rusty spots I'm working on up forwards, I'm pleased to say that overall the previous paint job on the hull has held up extremely well.

I'm now thinking about replacing a large section of the steelwork in the middle of the starboard side, as it's always been paper thin.

Hmm, I suspect I'm going to need some help with this.


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Looking quite gorgeous again. You have good reason to be proud of her.

    WRT new steelwork, I'd be curious to know how much area you have in mind.

    You are also doing all this work above the waterline. Do you know much about the state of things below? You once mentioned the possibility of having LJ hauled. Is that on the cards at all? Have you looked into the expense or difficulty?

  2. Hi Anonymous


    So far as I know, below the waterline is all good, so I'm not worried on that score.

    The new steelwork is a section of plate about 15ft long, from the deck upwards, right in the middle there.

    It's especially wasted in that spot because that's where they used to bring in the nets etc, so it got a real hammering when the boat was working.

    I do still want to haul the old girl out, but it's an expensive process around here. Money I cannot really afford at the moment.



  3. Isn`t there somewhere against a wall (on a few sunken sleepers) that would suffice for any works that might make themselves known. You have already done that anyway haven`t you? last year?

  4. Hi Rob

    It would be good to have her out of the water sometime soon, and not have to worry about tides and mud.