Thursday, August 20, 2009

Silver rain

Silver rainI've been drilling a series of holes in Lady Jane's bulkheads, to make way for the new wiring for the workshop.

So many, quite big, holes in fact that the metal from the actual cutting process started to look somewhat like a magical little silver rainfall. My mind had been drifting somewhat...

The upshot of all these holes is the installation of a proper ring main to the forward part of the boat. The third hole you see is for the energy efficient 24V lighting I'm planning on installing.

The picture also shows one of the newly installed, but yet to be wired in, weatherproof sockets I now have. An even more completely weatherproof socket has also been mounted on deck.

I'm really looking forward to finally having sockets available where I'm working with power tools on board, instead of trailing extension leads all over the place.


  1. Such luxury eh!no more ompromptu convulsive dances.:o))

  2. Ha ha Rob - no more rain dances :)

  3. Thats for sure !Brilliant.