Thursday, August 13, 2009

New table

New tableWell this was fairly inevitable...

The poor old table you can see in the background is now in such a sorry state it just has to be replaced.

Despite my best efforts, the slats below the protective covering have been falling out. Somewhat reminiscent of those prisoners bunks in the great escape.

Also, the legs are now so wobbly it's not even safe to try to sit on the table, let alone do any work on it.

I was originally going to replace the table with a new, wooden, one.

After thinking it through, and a suggestion by Fred, I've opted for a wooden frame with an overhanging wooden top, probably plywood, attached.

You can see the frame that Fred built slotted neatly onto the steel table below.

This gives me the flexibility to do either steel or woodwork on the same table, simply by changing the top.

Yes, that poor old table has also been on fire on account of cutting steel plate on it with oxy-acetylene.

All I need do is remember to take extreme care when using the circular saw on my new wood top.


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  2. Thanks Ted, that's great.